Locking Down the Unknown: 300 Page Digital Comic Collection and ‘Fallen Heroes Novel’ Free for 30 Days

Hi everyone, I hope in these scary times that as you are reading this you and your loved ones are doing ok.

Today would have been my late mother’s birthday and as she was the one who started me writing back when I was 11 today seems to be a very apt day on which to make this announcement.

One of the amazing upsides I have seen since this pandemic began is the amount of stuff my fellow creative people out there are doing to help ease people’s time in  isolation. In the spirit of that I’ve decided that as of today I’m offering a special digital edition entitled ‘Unseen Shadows’.

This edition which is over 300 pages contains all of the comic one-shots that have published to date as well as the Fallen Heroes Novel.

The fine creative folk working on these comics include Corey Brotherson,Nic Wilkinson,Richmond Clements Pete Rogers, Valia Kapadai,Conor Boyle,Vicky Stonebridge,Steve Penfold,RH Stewarr,Gat Melvyn, Paul McLaren,Martin Conaghan, Robert Carey, Alex Moore and many more

You cannot get this digital version anywhere online this comic collection is only available here for free until 11th June.

The full list of the titles is below.

The Lament of Lady Mary
Knights of Cademus
Operation Solomon
Fight or Flight
Wrath of God
Fragments of Fate
Band of Butchers
The Immaculate Abortion of Dina Leigh
Fallen Heroes: Prologue

Hope you enjoy the read and please not that this special edition will only be available for the next month.

Barry Nugent

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