THOUGHT BUBBLE 2012 VIDEO – Unseen Shadows: Year One Panel

So last weekend Unseen Shadows were in full effect at the Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds. I’ve made no secret that Thought Bubble is my favourite comic convention and this year only served to reinforce that fact. I’ve attended the con both as a visitor and an exhibitor and have  always come away with nothing but respect and admiration for the way the organisers run the show. On both days when I was either setting up the table or taking it down at the end of the day a member of the TB team always swung by to see if I needed any help. I found them to be nothing but friendly and helpful throughout the weekend.

There was a fantastic vibe to the show throughout the weekend and on the few occasions I got to leave my table there were some fantastic comics being sold. Anyone saying the UK comic industry is on the decline needs to check out Thought Bubble 2013 next year or one of the other brilliant UK comic cons.

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In terms of the weekend itself I had a great time and caught up with lots of old faces and met several new ones. I also caught up with several of the Unseen Shadows creative team members who were in attendance to celebrate the launch of Tales of the Forgotten, sell their own wares or throw around ideas for new projects. I also got chatting to several artists and writers all looking to step into the shadows and join the creative team.

Sales went well for all the Unseen Shadows material and as usual I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of people who picked up a copy of the novel.

On the Sunday myself, Corey Brotherson, Cy Dethan and Richmond Clements headed over to the Alea Casino where we took part in a panel hosted by Yomi Ayeni to discuss the first official year of the Unseen Shadows company, how we got started, what we’ve accomplished to date and where we go from here. The panel included a first look at the brand new titles and ideas we’re working on.

Unseen Shadows Panel

You can check out a video of the panel below and you can now order our newest title Tales of the Forgotten from the Unseen Shadows shop.

Tales of the Fallen Now Available on Amazon!

Just in time for payday you can now order the first Unseen Shadows comic anthology Tales of the Fallen direct from


“If, like me, you like rip-roaring testosterone fuelled pulp fiction with soldiers, and mysteries, and all round weird stuff in, then this is the book for you.” – Jonathan Ross


They are murderers, martyrs and mercenaries in the no-man s-land between adventure and crusade soldiers of fate and fierce honour, bound together in mystery, darkness and blood. Their enemies are shadows haunting the outermost borders of a darkening world, and as night approaches the shadows grow long.

They are the Fallen, and these are their stories.

Tales of the Fallen is an anthology of four stories featuring characters from the best selling novel Fallen Heroes by Barry Nugent.

  • Scripts: Cy Dethan, Richmond Clements, Dan Thompson, Pete Rogers
  • Pencils: Steve Penfold, Rob Carey, Conor Boyle, Roy Huteson Stewart
  • Colours: Gat Melvin, Vicky Stonebridge
  • Letters: Paul Mclaren, Nic Wilkinson
  • Covers: Steve Penfold, Gat Melvin,Rob Carey, Conor Boyle, Roy Huteson Stewart, Valia Kapadai
  • Introduction: Jonathan Ross
  • 128 pages


“this book is filled with a whole new universe full of objects of mystery, high flying adventure, monsters, espionage, Indiana Jones-caliber action, and a whole lot of fun characters.” – Ainitcool

an intriguing package for a pulp series that blends different genres effectively.” –NewPulp

IndyCast ‘Fallen Heroes’ Interview

Now I am one of the biggest Indiana Jones fans you’ll ever likely to meet. Now to my friends and family that statement is a cross they all have to bear along with listen to me drone on about my affection for the man in the hat…sorry Fedora and his archeological adventures. However one place I need make no apology is on the Indycast, a podcast dedicated to all things Indy of which I was a guest to talk about Fallen Heroes, Tales of the Fallen and of course all things Indy.

You can listen to the results of the interview here.

Fallen Heroes Book Signing At Waterstones Swindon this Saturday (21st Jan)

For anyone ether living in the Swindon area, close by or hell can drive or jump on a train I will be signing copies of Fallen Heroes in the Swindon branch of Waterstones this Saturday.

Saturday, 21 January 2012, 11:00AM – 2:00PM

25/26 Brunel Plaza, Brunel Shopping Centre, Swindon SN1 1ND

Barry Nugent will be joining us in store to sign copies of his fantastic book ‘ Fallen Heroes’. The books starts out like an espionage thriller, then goes into action adventure, then vigilante flick and then demonic monsters start turning up! What more could you possibly want! – Waterstones

I’ve done a couple of signings now but still nervous about the whole thing so if anyone is nearby and want to swing by to say hi and have a chat about the book that would be fantastic.