UNSEEN SHADOWS: YEAR ONE – A Special Digital Collection To Launch at Thought Bubble 2012

With the launch of our second anthology Tales of the Forgotten this weekend and to celebrate the first year of Unseen Shadows Ltd I thought we would throw another launch into the mix. This weekend at the Thought Bubble Festival will see the launch of UNSEEN SHADOWS: YEAR ONE.


A DVD which will be sold exclusively at the Thought Bubble Festival in celebration of our first year in business. The DVD will contain not only digital copies of the first anthology Tales of the Fallen but also the brand new anthology Tales of the Forgotten. There will also be the Fallen Heroes novel in e-book and audio formats as well as the first three episodes of the audio drama Empire of Blood.

The DVD will go on sale at the Thought Bubble Festival for £10.00.

If you’ve never stepped into the world of Unseen Shadows this is a great way to get hold of everything we’ve been doing and immerse yourself in a world populated by with spies, adventurers, vigilantes, thieves and  full to the brim with  global conspiracies and supernatural terrors.

If you’ve already been enjoying the world of Unseen Shadows and want a peek behind the curtain then there is a wealth of extras on the DVD to keep you busy.

To see exactly what’s on the DVD (including pin up art from Marvel and DC artists as well as exclusive preview art for our upcoming titles)….check out the blurb below.

Remember you will only be able to pick this up from us at Thought Bubble this weekend and stocks are limited. You can find us at table 17 in the New Dock Hall. If you’re interested in reserving a copy (payment to reserve can be made via paypal) for this or the Tales of the Forgotten anthology (£8.50) then drop me an email at barry@unseenshadows.com



    • Fallen Heroes – The Extended Edition
    • Fallen Heroes (Ipad Edition)
        • Fallen Heroes – The Extended Edition: The Lost Chapters (Deleted Chapters from Fallen Heroes with Author Commentary)
        • Fallen Heroes – The Extended Edition: Alternate Opening Chapter
        • Fallen Heroes – The Extended Edition: A Look at ‘Forgotten Warriors‘ the follow up to Fallen Heroes.
        • Fallen Heroes – The Audio trailer
        • Never before seen pitch treatment for the proposed Fallen Heroes TV Show by Celtic Films.
        • Storyboard for proposed Web Series.
    • Tales of the Fallen 
    • Tales of the Forgotten
    • Fallen Heroes – issues 1 & 2
        • The Colour of Violence – Colouring Wrath of God.
        • Pin Ups  by Andie Tong (DC, Marvel), Leigh Gallagher (DC, 2000AD),Emma Vieceli(Marvel,Image,SelfMadeHero), Scott ‘Atomic Robo’ Wegener(Red 5 Comics), Steve Sims, Rob Carey, Cormac Hughes and more
        • Character Sketches by the Unseen Shadows artists
        • Scripts of all the Unseen Shadows Comic Titles
        • Previews of upcoming Unseen Shadows comics and graphic novels
        • Posters
        • Covers including alternate covers for Tales of the Fallen: Fragments of Fate and Tales of the Fallen: Wrath of God
        • Production Art  for Fallen Heroes 1 & 2, Tales of the Fallen and Tales of the Forgotten.
        • Original pitches for Tales of the Forgotten: Stolen and Tales of the Fallen: Band of Butchers
        • Original Character Reference Profiles by Barry Nugent
        • Video of Fallen Heroes Rising to the Challenge Launch Panel at Cardiff International Comic Expo
        • Video Trailer for Fallen Heroes #1

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