Ashfall: Page 5 Line Work

It’s been a little while since we had an update but have no fear the wheels are still turning behind the scenes here at Unseen Shadows. To prove it here is a first look at page 5 from the Napoleon Stone/Nathan Ash comic Ashfall by Dan Thompson, Paul Mclaren Paul Williams and Darren Brown…enjoy!

page5_small (1)

The Lament of Lady Mary is Complete

I am currently working hard trying to get Forgotten Warriors, the elusive sequel to Fallen Heroes, finished  before we are all driving around in flying cars. However one thing I can say that is finished is ‘The Lament of Lady Mary’ which is the comic written by Pete Rogers with art and lettering by Conor Boyle. I’m very proud of the work the guys have done on this story, which focuses on Lady Mary Cademus, who is the mother of Sir Oliver Cademus. Fans of the novel will know that it was Sir Oliver who founded the Book of Cademus.

The comic will join ‘The Knights of Cademus‘  a story by Virgil Yendell and James Evans which, once the other stories, are complete will become the third Unseen Shadows anthology comic

Although we’ve not added the titles onto it here is a first look at the cover. Look out for a five page preview coming soon.



Behind the Shadows: Knights of Cademus

In this latest look at what’s going on in the world of Unseen Shadows we take a walk down a darker path with Virgil Yendell as he takes us through his work on the recently completed story ‘Knights of Cademus’ which will feature in the third Unseen Shadows trilogy.

Writing the Knights of Cademus

Finding Barry Nugent’s Unseen Shadows project at Thought Bubble one year, I was immediately intrigued by the modern take on the fantasy/pulp themes, and the different ways of accessing the story gave so much potential. After making my way through all the Unseen Shadows material I began to get a view of the mixed angles and characters from which to approach the Unseen Shadows world. In amongst the main and supporting characters that were already central to the novel and associated graphic novels I saw a chance to chase and expand on an idea I’d seen other writers touch on before. I pitched it to Barry and he gave me the green light to start work on the Knights of Cademus story.

There’s more to it but essentially the Knight of Cademus are Star Trek red shirts for the bad guys (as Barry would say) or are the Putties from Power Rangers (as my partner would say). They are the cannon fodder, the anonymous henchmen of the big bad. The red shirts have been the focus of their own novel by John Scalzi looking at how they view their cannon fodder status etc Grant Morrison paid his dues to his anonymous henchmen in The Invisibles series with a swan song story about the life that would lead someone into such a role. I loved Grant Morrison’s take and we have a few nods to it in our story but I also wanted to do more. I wanted to know how an army deals with the losses these henchmen always face in such stories. How do they deal with it personally and as strategic force? How is such a force developed?
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Eye of Stone Pencils Finished

We’ve made great progress on another of our upcoming comics. This time it’s Eye of Stone, the story of how Demon Stalker Napoleon Stone lost his eye! It’s not going to be a nice, light, fluffy story from Cy Dethan, you can expect bloody squelchy bits and the odd monster. Plus… EYEBALLS!

Pencils of pages 2 and 3 are from our phenomenal artist Heather L Sheppard.



We’ll also have an exclusive video coming soon of Heather drawing page 11 from the book. A great one for all you budding artists, out there to see her technique up close in real time. We’ll let you know when it’s available.