More Character Sketches from The Chimera Factor

Here’s some more of Pete Woods character sketches from The Chimera Factor to get your teeth into.

Keep em coming Pete!

victoriasullivan chimerafactorcharactersketch


First Character Sketch for The Chimera Factor

So It’s Friday and to end the week on a high here is look at the first character sketch from the upcoming graphic novel The Chimera Factor.

The artist wielding the mighty pen is case is Unseen Shadows Newbie Peter Woods (welcome onboard Pete!).

All I’ll say about the story (written by Richmond Clements) is that it’s centered around the supernatural equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction and the battle to possess it.

The two characters leading the story and trying not to kill each other are Steph Connisbee (Fallen Heroes, Operation Solomon ) and Victoria Sullivan (Fight or Flight, Empire of Blood).

I’ve already seen the first page thumbnails and looking forward to sharing them with you and some other character sketches soon.


‘The Heart Which Makes Us’ – New Art

Ha ha fooled you! I bet you thought we had disappeared from the face of the earth? No ? oh ok in that case forget what I just said and welcome back to Unseen Shadows.

I’ve not updated the blog in a while but that doesn’t mean that the shadows (unseen or otherwise) have not been moving. Work has been continuing on the second novel as well as several other projects. Hopeful now a few of them are well on their way to being completed we can start cranking out some production art and info.

For today’s little taste and seeing as its the end of the week I thought I would give you not one but two pages from our first graphic novel ‘The Heart Which Makes US’ by Lizzie Boyle, Aaron Moran and Paul Mclaren.

The pages are a nice look at how the star of the graphic novel, TORCH agent Kathryn Monroe sees the world.



Ashfall: Page 5 Line Work

It’s been a little while since we had an update but have no fear the wheels are still turning behind the scenes here at Unseen Shadows. To prove it here is a first look at page 5 from the Napoleon Stone/Nathan Ash comic Ashfall by Dan Thompson, Paul Mclaren Paul Williams and Darren Brown…enjoy!

page5_small (1)