Stephanie Connisbee

steph_connisbee_portrait_newA sense of calm settled over Steph’s mind, an impossible battle against an enemy more powerful than herself was not a new position for her. Yes, bullets were no good, but he breathed the same air she did and that meant he could be killed. Only one of them would leave the alley alive, and Steph planned on it being her. – Fallen Heroes


A Navy helicopter pilot whose  dishonourable discharge led to her becoming the bodyguard and partner in crime to Ben Ashodi. Steph is a weapons and demolitions expert as well as being brutal fighter whether it be weapons or hand to hand. Those who have tried to cross Ben have learnt to their cost just how dangerous Steph can be.

In the past Steph has often taken jobs on the side for various intelligence agencies, some of which have involved her ‘friend’ The Reverend.

Appearances: Fallen Heroes, Forgotten Warriors,StolenOperation Solomon, Blood Cries Out




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