Draw Into The Shadows: Try Out For The Unseen Shadows Team With Artist Portfolio Reviews At Bristol Comic Expo

“In order to build a credible portfolio of work and prove you can put out work professionally you have to have a crack at doing it non-professionally to professional standards. Unseen Shadows creates a platform on which you can do that.” – Steve Penfold (artist on Fallen Heroes, Unseen Shadows: Reverend: Wrath of God, Moon and OMEN in Overload) achieved

Unseen Shadows is currently inviting submissions from artists (pencillers, colourists and inkers) for a number of stories.
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New Pulp Reviews Tales of the Fallen

Check out another review of Tales of the Fallen this time from David Zuzelo over at NewPulp

I haven’t read Unseen Shadows by Barry Nugent, but if there is one thing I really admire are authors that aren’t afraid to use multiple media to get their pulpy products to a wider audience. A quick perusal of the website showed me guns and magic and was intriguing enough to carry me into this large tome of sequential pulp prose n’ pictures!

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A New Year and Some New Reviews for Tales of the Fallen

First up happy new year to you all and I hope christmas went well for everyone and not too much food and booze were consumed (yeah right!).

Due to various nasty things happening employment wise I haven’t been able to keep this website as up to date as I would like but hopefully with things a little more settled I should be able to get back on the case now.

To that end here are some reviews for Tales of the Fallen which have been put out buy the guys at 3 Million Years and The Sidekickcast. Big thanks to both sites for taking the time to give Tales of the Fallen some honest, detailed and positive feedback.

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Fallen Heroes #2 Now Available to Buy

Fallen Heroes #2

The Hand discovers some disturbing information regarding the mercenaries who attacked him inTokyo. The revelations lead him to choose a course of action that may be more dangerous than the enemy he faces.

In Paris a brutal murder spree forces government agent Luther Washington to seek help from a reluctant a former agent to help him unravel the mystery. Both are unaware that every step they take is being watched by the killer they hunt…

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