A New Year and Some New Reviews for Tales of the Fallen

First up happy new year to you all and I hope christmas went well for everyone and not too much food and booze were consumed (yeah right!).

Due to various nasty things happening employment wise I haven’t been able to keep this website as up to date as I would like but hopefully with things a little more settled I should be able to get back on the case now.

To that end here are some reviews for Tales of the Fallen which have been put out buy the guys at 3 Million Years and The Sidekickcast. Big thanks to both sites for taking the time to give Tales of the Fallen some honest, detailed and positive feedback.

3 Million Years” Utilizing an entire team of writers and artists, ‘Tales of the Fallen’ is visually diverse and an interesting journey to experience. Each story feels as if it plays to the individual teams’ creative strengths and there is a level of excitement in seeing such a showcase. The art tends to be raw and even a little rough around the edges, but with the tone and subject matters presented in the narrative, it definitely works to its advantage.”  – Read the full review here

Sidekickcast“Tales of the Fallen is a high octane, high adventure, pulp-tastic anthology comic book filled with stories that seem like they could be from a simpler time in comics, a time when boys read stories about soldiers and adventurers, and sometimes pretended to be Indiana Jones. That’s not to say the stories are simple, often filled with twists and disturbing turns and always building upon the Unseen Shadows mythology.”Read the full review here

Remember if you’ve not picked up you’re copy of Tales of the Fallen you can order yours today over at the Unseen Shadows Shop 

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