Fallen Heroes #2 Now Available to Buy

Fallen Heroes #2

The Hand discovers some disturbing information regarding the mercenaries who attacked him inTokyo. The revelations lead him to choose a course of action that may be more dangerous than the enemy he faces.

In Paris a brutal murder spree forces government agent Luther Washington to seek help from a reluctant a former agent to help him unravel the mystery. Both are unaware that every step they take is being watched by the killer they hunt…

The long wait is over as the second issue of Fallen Heroes #2 is now available to order from the Unseen Shadows Shop along with Fallen Heroes issue#1 and Tales of the Fallen. Any international buyers, drop an email info@unseenshadows.com to sort out P & P.

You can download a preview of issue 2 here

Digital versions of issues 1 and 2 will be available on the shop soon.

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