Kathryn Monroe will Return in ‘The Heart Which Makes Us’


Kathryn Monroe Sketch from Historia

Been a little while since we’ve had some updates on the Unseen Shadows website but that is about to change as we have a load of news to tell you. Look out for more posts this week but to begin with we give a long overdue welcome to writer Lizzie Boyle who joins the Unseen Shadows world.

Some of you may already know Lizzie from her work over at  Disconnected Press. After reading Fallen Novels Lizzie came at me with a fantastic idea for a story on Kathryn Monroe, who we saw recently solving a high profile murder in Historia. In this new story ‘The Heart Which Makes Us‘ we get to see a younger and less disciplined Kathryn tackling her first big case. In many ways this almost feels like ‘Monroe Begins’ as a lot of the groundwork in the story sets up who Kathryn will will become. The story also gives us the first appearance in a Unseen Shadows title of fellow Torch Operative Luther Washington. Those of you who have read the novel will know how much of a big role Luther’s plays so it’s great to see him making his first appearance outside of Fallen Heroes.

The script is now finished (and yes it is all kinds of awesome) and Lizzie and I are currently on the hunt for an artist to take on the story. More news as we have it.

First look at Historia Page 2 Art and a Brief Synopsis

I thought it would be a nice way to start the week with a look at one of Alex Moore’s full colour pages of the Kathryn Monroe tale Historia.

The comic, written by Richmond Clements  will be one of the stories in the second Unseen Shadows anthology Tales of the Forgotten out this November.

A teacher at an exclusive school for the children of United Nations delegates is found brutally tortured and murdered. The Tactical, Operational Response and Control Headquarters (TORCH) sends in one their best agents, Kathryn Monroe,  to investigate.

Kathryn must use all her skills as an investigator as she puts herself in the firing line to uncover the murderer… and their dark secret.

Don’t worry there aren’t any spoliers in the art.