Inks on Eye of Stone Complete

Over the last few weeks we saw the completion of all the inks on ‘Eye of Stone’  written by Cy Dethan, with art by Heather Sheppard and letters by Nic Wilkinson.

It’s been a long road getting here but the person who bought us across the inking finish line is Wendy Muldon, a fantastic inker and project life saver. We here at Unseen Shadows welcome Wendy to the team and hope this won’t be her last adventure with us.

At the moment the creative team and myself are deciding whether we need colours on the art or to release in black and white. The main thing is this latest Napoleon Stone outing is nearing completion.

Really excited to share this one with the Unseen Shadows fans as Cy has written a cracking script and Heather’s visuals are more than up to the task of bringing the script to life.

In many ways this is a Napoleon Stone origin story as told through the eyes of his enemies.

Here’s a look at page 6 (inked by Wendy) and as you can see Napoleon, as per usual, is not exactly having the time of his life.

Eye of Stone

Cover for Forgotten Warriors the Sequel to Fallen Heroes is Revealed

With work on Forgotten Warriors progressing well I thought it was time to think about getting a cover sorted. I was desperate to get Junbobkim the cover artist who did such a fantastic job with the Fallen Heroes book cover and he was eager to oblige.

I had a clear idea of what I wanted in terms of the cover in that I wanted to develop a theme so that when people looked at both covers side by side they would know they were from the same series. I also knew that given her more expanded role in Forgotten Warriors that I wanted Steph Connisbee on the cover.

I did not think he could top what he did on the fallen Heroes cover but I was wrong. ladies and gentlemen I present the cover for ‘Forgotten Warriors’


And here’s a little look at what the covers look like side by side. Now if you want to see more amazing artwork from junbobkim then please head over to his website.


Artist Alex Moore Joins ‘Historia’

Just because  things have been a little quiet on the website don’t take this as a sign that things haven’t been going on behind the scenes.  We have some exciting announcements coming for you over the next few weeks and months here at Unseen Shadows so watch this space.

Today’s news is that the script for Historia is all but finished and we now have an artist who is already at work on the project alongside writer Richmond Clements and letterer Paul Mclaren. The pair have already worked together on the brilliant Turning Tiger  and I’m looking forward to seeing what they can do with this project.

Historia is one of the titles that will be found in the second Unseen Shadows anthology ‘ Tales of the Forgotten’ which will be released at this years Thought Bubble Comic Festival.

The story centered around Dr Kathryn Monroe, an agent of TORCH who is called in to investigate a gruesome murder at an elite boarding school. A full synopsis is on the way but for now here are a few early Kathryn Sketches from Alex…enjoy!