A Few Character Designs from The Chimera Factor

So, at the moment, The Chimera Factor creative team are working hard to really nail down the look of the characters before moving on with the next set of pages.

It’s been an interesting and collaborative process (god bless you facebook messenger) with Richmond Clements(the writer) and Pete Woods (the artist). It’s a great feeling seeing the evolution of each character’s look especially those who have come directly from Fallen Heroes through to this graphic novel. Anyway here’s a look at some of the designs.

janemorton steph tracyross

‘The Chimera Factor’:1st Draft Complete and New Sketch

So with the first draft of The Chimera Factor in the bag (thanks Richmond) I am currently working with Richmond to iron out the kinks before we pass it over to Alex Moore so she can get started on the art.

Just to give you a taste of what’s the come here’s a another character sketch from the story from Alex’s pen. This time it’s the turn of Secretary General of the United Nations Jane Morton. If you’ve read the novel you will already know the role Jane plays in the story but I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t read the novel yet. Of course like all positions Morton always has her own agenda.

The Chimera Factor picks up about two years after the end of Fallen Heroes. It’s a mild spoiler but we see Steph now working for the United Nations as part of special task force called ‘Operation Sunset’. The remit of the task force is the complete destruction of the cult known as The Book of Cademus.

Enjoy the sketch and more info soon!

jane step sketch 2

First Look at Victoria Sullivan in ‘Unseen Shadows:The Chimera Factor’

If you’ve listened to the Empire of Blood audio drama or read the Fight of Flight story within the pages of  Tales of the Forgotten then you will already have met Victoria Sullivan. The deadly Icarus Foundation investigator will be going head to head against Steph Connisbee in the upcoming Unseen Shadows graphic novel ‘The Chimera Factor’ by Richmond Clements, with art by Alex Moore and letters by Paul Mclaren.

If these two women and their respective teams can keep from killing each other for more than five minutes they may uncover a global conspiracy that if not stopped will cause the death of thousands.

Alex is already hard at work on the character design and as we’ve already given you a look at Steph it was only fair we give Victoria the same treatment.

Victoria Sullivan