Fight or Flight: Spin off Comic from ‘Empire of Blood’ Audio Drama Announced

Anyone who has listened to the first two episodes of audio drama Empire of Blood will already be aware of the feisty Icarus Foundation investigator Victoria Sullivan. In Empire of Blood Victoria teams up with her fellow investigator Vincent Marconi to solve five horrific murders.

Originally Victoria was only supposed to be in the audio drama but I loved  the character so much and Fiona Paul’s brilliant performance as Victoria that I  began to think of more ways to use the character. The result of this was a conversation with writer Corey Brotherson, who is currently working on the Unseen Shadows one shot comic Stolen. Together we came up with an idea of doing a six page comic ,starring Victoria, which would be an origin story.

The story is called Fight or Flight and the hope is that the comic will be ready to launch alongside the final episode of Empire of Blood, when we will make the whole story available on a CD as well as here on the website. A synopsis is coming soon but to get you going here’s a sketch of a young and adult Victoria by the Artist on the project Jorge Oliveira.

More info soon!

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