Bob Kelsey Investigates: Killing the Soul Part 1

Bob Kelsey is a reporter on the run from a centuries old cult he made the mistake of falling foul of. Unable to keep his reporter’s nose for a story out of other people’s business he now runs an underground blog investigating the weird, the strange and the downright surreal. The Unseen Shadows web comic […]


Bob Kelsey Investigates: The Return

Bob Kelsey is a reporter on the run from a centuries old cult he made the mistake of falling foul of. Unable to keep his reporter’s nose for a story out of other people’s business he now runs an underground blog investigating the weird, the strange and the downright surreal. The Unseen Shadows web comic […]


Barry Nugent, Unseen Shadows Creator: The Interview

The big boss and creator of Unseen Shadows has given an exclusive interview to Shared Story Worlds regarding everything from his upcoming novel to tips for a great working environment (hint…it’s whiskey). Click the link below to read it in full.


Cy Dethan Finishes Script for ‘Whatever the Cost’

I’m pleased to announce that Cy Dethan, who has already penned four comic scripts for Unseen Shadows, has not only agreed to tackle a fifth but the script is already complete. ‘Whatever the Cost’ is a story centred around Luther Washington, who is an agent of T.O.R.C.H. Luther will be no stranger to those who […]


Behind the Shadows: The Crusader and the Soldier

So here we are again with another peek behind the shadowy curtain of the our little transmedia project. This week Richmond Clements, writer of the Unseen Shadows comics Historia and Operation Solomon talks about the two lead characters from those stories - Steph Connisbee and Kathryn Monroe. Over to you Richmond. As I have written for […]


Bob Kelsey Investigates – ‘The Return’ to Launch Next Week

Last year we launched the first story in the Unseen Shadows webcomic entitled ‘Bob Kelsey Investigates’ featuring our cynical reporter Bob Kelsey and his mis-adventures through the shadowy world of the occult and the supernatural. The first story entitled Neck on the Line is still available to read online here. Soon after ‘Neck on the […]

wrath page 05

Behind the Shadows: Prose to Script to Comic Page – Wrath of God ‘ A Dark Hero’s Rebirth’

Last week saw the digital release of Wrath of God on ComiXology but what some of you may not know is the Reverend, the two gun wielding vigilante who stars in the comic, made his debut within the pages of the Fallen Heroes prose novel. I thought it might be interesting to give you a […]

Wrath of God cover

Wrath of God Comes to Comixology

So finally Unseen Shadows smashes it’s way onto the ComiXology store with Wrath of God. So what are you waiting for pick up the Comixology app and get your copy today before the Reverend pays you a visit. 69p of high octane pulp fueled action..what more could you ask for? Get your copy here. About […]


Work on Blood Cries Out Issue 2 is Underway

Work has now begun on issue two of the Reverend graphic novel ‘Blood Cries out’ and here’s a panel to prove it. As you can see from the finished page from issue 1 below the blood isn’t about to stop crying anytime soon thanks to old Rev showing his usual degree of restraint when dealing […]

KOC p1p17

Knights of Cademus – New Artwork

We are now at the halfway point in the with the Knights of Cademus one shot and hopefully the rest of the comic will be finished in November. So I thought this was a good moment to give you a reminder of just who the Knights of Cademus are with some new full colour panels […]

Napoleon_Stone_portrait_sample (1)

Choose Your Own Adventure with Napoleon Stone

The moment I read my first choose your adventure book I was hooked. I first started out on with a few Indiana Jones adventures before moving on to the fighting fantasy books by Ian Livingstone. So when Richmond Clements approached me at the start of the year about doing a mini choose your own adventure […]

page 6 The Heart which makes us

UNSEEN SHADOWS:The Heart Which Makes Us – A look at Page 6

Progress is steaming along on ‘The Heart Which Makes us’ which is TORCH agent Kathryn Monroe’s second outing in comic form.  Twenty one pages of the thirty two page script have been coloured and lettered so we are now in the home stretch. Here’s a look at one of the new page from the creative […]


Bob Kesley Investigates: Killing the Soul Coming Soon

When last we saw Bob Kelsey he was making a debut in his new web comic series – Bob Kelsey Investigates, with his first story ‘Neck on the Line’. I’m happy to announce that not only will Bob be returning in a new adventure entitled ‘Killing the Soul’ but that the pencils for the comic […]

The Heart Which Makes US – Page One Finished

The Heart Which Makes Us by Lizzie Boyle, Aaron Moran and Paul Mclaren is going great guns.  Fifteen pages have now been drawn by Aaron and Paul Mclaren has added his lettering to eleven pages so things could not be going better for the project. As I said before this is one of Kathryn’s early […]

KOC p1v2

First Colour Page Revealed for ‘Knights of Cademus’

Hey all, it’s been a few months since we had an update as I have been busy working on Forgotten Warriors but with nine chapters standing before me and finishing the 3rd draft I thought I could start doing some updates. So to start with here’s a look at the first colour  page of ‘Knights […]


First Look at ‘The Heart Which Makes Us’

Here’s the first look at the new Kathryn Monroe story entitled The heart which Makes us written by Lizzie Boyle with art by Aaron Moran and lettering by Paul Mclaren. In her last outing we saw Kathryn at the top of here game as a seasoned TORCH operative in Historia. This time we get to […]


The Knights of Cademus are Coming

So over the past years the comics that have been released have been focusing on the heroes and heroines of the Unseen Shadows Universe, it’s time for that to change. The next story from the pen of Virgil Yendell will be focusing on the Knights of Cademus who are the strong-arm of the Book of Cademus and their most dangerous […]


The Lament of Lady Mary: See the Inks For Pages 1 and 2

Not too long ago we gave you a look at the first two penciled pages of art by Conor Boyle from The Lament of Lady Mary well now you can feast your eyes on those same pages with some inks applied. More stunning art from Conor to come soon! Keep an eye on our facebook […]


First Look at ‘Eye of Stone’

Check out this finished page art from the Eye of Stone team featuring a little snippet at the origin of our Demon Stalker Napoleon Stone. I think this lovely page of may be gracing my office wall at some at stage in the future. The fantastic art/colours were done by Heather L Sheppard.

Cover Inks colourfof

Fragments of Fate to be Released in Full Colour Soon!

As you know long time Unseen Shadows fans will know Fragments of Fate the story starring Napoleon Stone (who graces the cover of the Fallen Heroes novel) featured in the first anthology we launched Tales of the Fallen. Originally the tale was released in Black and White. Well I’m pleased to announce that secretly the Fragments of Fate […]


First Look at The Lament of Lady Mary

I bet you thought the week was going to go by without any kind of update from the guys and gals here at Unseen Shadows? Well you would be wrong. Today we give you a first look at The Lament of Lady Mary By Pete Rogers with art and letters being provided by Conor Boyle. […]


Read Bob Kelsey Investigates: ‘Neck on the Line’ Online for Free

The Truth makes liars of us all. The Truth will kill you, or get you killed. It’ll steal your marriage and your daughter’s love. The Truth will get you shot and left for dead in the desert. Welcome to the world of Bob Kelsey. Bob Kelsey is a reporter on the run from a centuries […]


Bob Kelsey Investigates: ‘The Immaculate Abortion of Dina Leigh’ Free For a Day On Free Comic Book Day

Seeing as we are celebrating Free Comic Book Day with the launch of the Bob Kelsey Investigates Web Comic we thought we would give you an extra surprise. To really get you immersed in Kelsey’s world we have decided that for the duration of Free Comic Book Day (4th May) to give away a free digital download of […]


Bob Kelsey Investigates: ‘Neck on the Line’ Set to Celebrate Free Comic Book Day

So as tomorrow is Free Comic Day (waits for cheers and applause to die down) and it’s a great day for us comic folk and now finally we here at Unseen Shadows thought we would throw our hat into the ring. To coincide with Free Comics Day we will be releasing the first ‘Bob Kelsey […]

Lo-Res-bco01page14 (1)

Blood Cries Out Page 14: First Look at the Reverend

So in case you thought the team working on Blood Cries Out have been sitting on their thumbs doing nothing I thought I’d drop by to shatter that illusion. The problem is the pages after our last preview are pretty spoiler heavy (but boy are they stunning) so we wanted to wait to get to a spot […]

Napoleon_Stone_full_Flashback_sample (1)

Artist Heather L Sheppard Joins ‘Eye of Stone’

“In all of the many strange, darkened roads that Barry Nugent has walked in his novels and adaptations, no character casts a longer shadow than Napoleon Stone. For me, he *is* the Unseen Shadow that gives the project its name.” – Cy Dethan With the ink hardly dry on the script for the Napoleon Stone […]

Edward (1)

‘Bob Kelsey Investigates: Neck on the Line’ Free to Read and Coming Soon

Bob Kelsey is an everyman in a world populated with monsters and heroes. To survive in those hunting grounds takes the self-preservation instincts of a feral rat. That’s what Bob Kelsey is to me.” – Cy Dethan. Bob Kelsey,  the reporter who seems to always end up on the wrong side of the supernatural was given his first […]


Kathryn Monroe will Return in ‘The Heart Which Makes Us’

Been a little while since we’ve had some updates on the Unseen Shadows website but that is about to change as we have a load of news to tell you. Look out for more posts this week but to begin with we give a long overdue welcome to writer Lizzie Boyle who joins the Unseen […]

jane step sketch 2

‘The Chimera Factor’:1st Draft Complete and New Sketch

So with the first draft of The Chimera Factor in the bag (thanks Richmond) I am currently working with Richmond to iron out the kinks before we pass it over to Alex Moore so she can get started on the art. Just to give you a taste of what’s the come here’s a another character […]


Darren Brown Joins Ashfall and First Look at Page 1 in Full Colour

So it’s been a since we had an update for Ashfall which stars Napoleon Stone and his mentor Nathan Ash so I reckon it was about time for one and it’s a biggie. I’m using this post to welcome Darren Brown to the team who will be handling the colours for the project to complement […]

Victoria Sullivan

First Look at Victoria Sullivan in ‘Unseen Shadows:The Chimera Factor’

If you’ve listened to the Empire of Blood audio drama or read the Fight of Flight story within the pages of  Tales of the Forgotten then you will already have met Victoria Sullivan. The deadly Icarus Foundation investigator will be going head to head against Steph Connisbee in the upcoming Unseen Shadows graphic novel ‘The […]

steph sketch new

First Look at the New Unseen Shadows Graphic Novel ‘The Chimera Factor’

So as we previously announced  Cy Dethan, Nic Wilkinson, Steve Penfold and Gat Melvyn are currently working on the very first Unseen Shadows graphic novel Blood Cries Out. Not to be left behind the creative team behind the Kathryn Monroe adventure Historia which featured in the anthology Tale of the Forgotten are returning with their own graphic novel entitled The […]



  Unseen Shadows Release Special Preview of its First Full Length Graphic Novel Blood Cries Out. In honour of the second year of the newest UK convention on the block, The London Super Comic Con, the Unseen Shadows creative team have decided to do something special to celebrate their attendance. The team working on the […]



LONDON SUPER COMIC CON SPECIAL OFFER!!! Buy Tales of the Forgotten, Tales of the Fallen and the Fallen Heroes Special Edition novel at the Special Convention Price of £20! To celebrate our newest comic anthology Tales of the Forgotten, which will be available for the first time at the London Super Comic Con, we have come […]


Conspiracies and Cults and Spies Oh My! Unseen Shadows Comes to the London Super Comic Con 2013

This weekend Unseen Shadows will be in attendance at the second London Super Comic Convention. I attended the first year of the LSCC and had a great time so I figured what the hell and booked up for a second return trip. The convention itself, which is being held on at the Excel center, is entirely focused on […]


Cover for Forgotten Warriors the Sequel to Fallen Heroes is Revealed

With work on Forgotten Warriors progressing well I thought it was time to think about getting a cover sorted. I was desperate to get Junbobkim the cover artist who did such a fantastic job with the Fallen Heroes book cover and he was eager to oblige. I had a clear idea of what I wanted in […]


Unseen Shadows: Blood Cries Out – Page 2 Complete

Work continues a pace on Blood Cries Out and as proof here’s a look at the gorgeous and all finished page 2.


First Look at Page 2 of Unseen Shadows:Blood Cries Out

In the same manner as page 1 here’s is a look at the inks for page 2 of our first ever full length graphic novel Blood Cries Out and as you can see our hooded friends are up to some dark mischief in a junkyard. Look out for the finished page next week! In the […]

BCO 1.1

First Look at Page 1 of Unseen Shadows:Blood Cries Out

So what better way to start off the new year and new projects here at Unseen Shadows than some lovely inks. In this case the inks come from the pen of artist Steve Penfold  and his work on the  first page on our first full length graphic novel Unseen Shadows:’Blood Cries Out’. Written by Cy […]


Tales of the Forgotten – Available Now On Kindle and Kindle Fire

As we are just around the corner for Christmas it seemed like the perfect time to announce the release of Tales of the Forgotten on Kindle. You can pick up your copy now for £3.60 from the Amazon Kindle shop. If you have a Kindle Fire have no fear as this copy will be in full colour.   […]


Buy ‘Tales of the Forgotten’ and Pick up a Free Digital Copy of ‘Fallen Heroes’

That’s right people  from now until the end of December as part of a special deal for Christmas anyone buying a copy of Tales of the Forgotten from the Unseen Shadows shop on Comicsy will receive a free digital copy of the Fallen Heroes novel. TALES OF THE FORGOTTEN OUT NOW Transmedia Company Releases Second […]

Unseen Shadows Panel

THOUGHT BUBBLE 2012 VIDEO – Unseen Shadows: Year One Panel

So last weekend Unseen Shadows were in full effect at the Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds. I’ve made no secret that Thought Bubble is my favourite comic convention and this year only served to reinforce that fact. I’ve attended the con both as a visitor and an exhibitor and have  always come away with nothing but respect […]

USDVDCover copy

UNSEEN SHADOWS: YEAR ONE – A Special Digital Collection To Launch at Thought Bubble 2012

With the launch of our second anthology Tales of the Forgotten this weekend and to celebrate the first year of Unseen Shadows Ltd I thought we would throw another launch into the mix. This weekend at the Thought Bubble Festival will see the launch of UNSEEN SHADOWS: YEAR ONE. What is UNSEEN SHADOWS: YEAR ONE? […]


“The Truth Must be Told.” – Fourth and Final Teaser Poster/Preview Revealed for Tales of the Forgotten

Time to celebrate the end of a long week with the fourth and final of our Tales of the Forgotten teaser posters. Today’s teaser is based on a character I never  thought would end up getting the comic book treatment. This is mainly due to the fact that I had  written sleazy reporter Bob Kelsey, in the novel, to […]


“I owe it to them to shine.” – Third Teaser Poster/Preview Revealed for Tales of the Forgotten

So without further ago let’s warm things up a little on this chilly Monday with the third of our Tales of the Forgotten teaser posters. Today’s third of four teasers focuses on the six page short story Fight or Flight. This is a first for Unseen Shadows as it features Victoria Sullivan, a character never […]


“This isn’t who I am.” – Second Teaser Poster/Preview for Tales of the Forgotten

How can we end Friday with a bang? Well how about the next teaser poster for Tales of the Forgotten? Today’s, second of four, teaser posters takes us into the shadowy world of master criminal Ben Ashodi aka ‘The Hand’ in the story Stolen written by Corey Brotherson, with art by Cormac Hughes, colours by […]


Tales of the Forgotten to Launch at Thought Bubble – Check Out First Teaser Poster and Preview

I am very proud to announce that Tales of the Forgotten the second anthology from the Unseen Shadows universe is now complete. Big thanks to all the creative team for all the hard work they have put into getting this second anthology ready in time for it’s date with the printer. The title will be launching at […]


Front Cover and Four Page Preview Revealed for The Immaculate Abortion of Dina Leigh

A little while back we showed off some pencils for this tale featuring down on his luck reporter Bob Kelsey. Now we bring you some shiny new art which includes the cover and a four page preview. The Immaculate Abortion of Dina Leigh which is written by Cy Dethan with art by Valia Kapadai and lettering by Nic […]


Fight or Flight is Finished

So hot on the heels of the ‘Stolen’, the team working on the six page short story Fight or Flight have now wrapped up work on the project. The comic will form one of the  stories in the Tales of the Forgotten anthology which is coming soon. This was a really interesting project for me […]


‘Stolen’ Is Finished!

Yep I can’t say anymore that the title of this post has already done. The final pages of ‘Stolen’ have now been added to dropbox and are waiting to be added to the Tales of the Forgotten anthology. Big thanks to the Stolen creative team of Corey Brotherson (Writer), Paul Mclaren (Letterer), Cormac (Artist), Vicky(Colours) […]


UNSEEN SHADOWS AUDIO DRAMA: ‘Empire of Blood’ – Episode 3 Out Now!

UNSEEN SHADOWS AUDIO DRAMA: ‘Empire of Blood’ – Episode 3 Out Now!

Coming hot on the audio presses is Episode 3 of the audio drama Empire of Blood .   Empire of Blood: Episode 3 Can Vincent survive against creatures bred to destroy? Will Victoria’s quick wits and even quicker fists be enough against Peter Wesley? Just what is the Empire of Blood? For the answers to these […]

Bob Kelsey Investigates

Bob Kelsey Investigates: Killing the Soul Part 6

Bob Kelsey is a reporter on the run from a centuries old cult he made the mistake of falling foul of. Unable to keep his reporter’s nose for a story out of other people’s business he now runs an underground blog investigating the weird, the strange and the downright surreal. In ‘Killing the Soul’ Bob […]


3rd Draft of Forgotten Warriors is Complete

3rd Draft of Forgotten Warriors is Complete

I am very pleased to announce that the third draft of Forgotten Warriors is now complete. It has been a long time coming and a serious amount of early morning work, including a few 3am starts but all of that has been worth it to get to this stage. What Next? Well essentially all the […]


Ashfall Preview

One of our upcoming projects is comic Ashfall, the story of how demon stalker Napoleon Stone took down his mentor and friend Nathan Ash. It’s a pretty brutal story from Dan Thompson. Full of violence and sorrow, the book takes unflinching look at how extreme circumstances can change and shape a person. We’ve got the first lettered […]

The Unseen Art Gallery

Unseen Shadows Launches ‘The Unseen Art Gallery’ Section

Unseen Shadows Launches ‘The Unseen Art Gallery’ Section

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while but under fears of ‘No one’s going contribute’ I’ve always stopped myself from doing it but I’ve now decided what hell I’m going to give it a try and see how it goes. So what I’m going is throwing the doors open to anyone who likes to […]


Behind the Shadows – Crossing Continents With Transmedia

The first time someone mentioned the term Transmedia to me I was already collaborating with four project teams. We were working to produce a comic anthology centered on my urban fantasy novel Fallen Heroes. I was also co-writing the first episode of an audio drama spin off. The name I gave to this transmedia project […]


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