Fallen Heroes becomes an Amazon Number 1 bestseller!


Friday the 13th a date known for bad luck and misfortune decided this year to bestow a little good luck upon author Barry Nugent and his Print on Demand novel, Fallen Heroes.

It all began in the early hours on the 13th August 2010 when Barry noticed the Kindle version of his novel had climbed into the top 100 charts for Contemporary Fantasy, Action Adventure and Fantasy on Amazon.

“I thought I was seeing things to begin with,” explained Barry. “I quickly decided to give this a mention on Twitter to see if I could raise a little more interest.”

By the end of the day Fallen Heroes had become the #1 Contemporary Fantasy title on Amazon’s Kindle store. The novel also took the #2 spot in both the Action Adventure and Fantasy charts, placing it ahead of such titles as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Lost Symbol and Dead Until Dark, the novel which has been adapted into the successful True Blood TV series.

“I’m still trying to my head around what happened to be honest,” admits Barry. “I’m so grateful to everyone who bought a copy or helped spread the word.”

With the sequel to Fallen Heroes due out next year and various adaptations of the novel on the way it seems the rise of Fallen Heroes is only just beginning.

About Fallen Heroes

Fallen Heroes is a supernatural adventure that pits an unlikely group of heroes and anti heroes against an evil which has existed since the first crusade. If they can keep from killing each other long enough they might just be able to stop the world from plunging into a new dark age.

“It reads like a TV series, with cliff hangers at the end of most chapters, and larger than life characters with big egos and quick wits. The book as a whole draws on many popular culture references & influences, and is easily compared to ‘Sin City’, ‘The Da Vinci Code’, ‘Heroes’ or ‘Buffy’ – there really is something for everyone and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone that enjoys reading or watching Sci-Fi/Fantasy.” Waterstones

‘Fallen Heroes is a stylish debut filled with sparkling characters in a skilfully drawn adventure that heralds the arrival of a bright new talent.

James Barclay

Find out more at http://www.barrynugent.com

One thought on “Fallen Heroes becomes an Amazon Number 1 bestseller!

  1. Hi, congrats. I was hoping for a little more info on how you gathered momentum in the first place, though it may be here – It’s late, too late to look right now. In sales terms, what made the most difference? I’m getting good reviews and 4&5 star ratings for The Last King’s Amulet and The Key To The Grave but that doesn’t seem to translate into sales. It is frustrating. How exactly do I find my audience? I know they are out there, but where?

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