Welcome to 2011 and a Fallen Heroes Novel Update

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New year.

With this first post on this site for 2011 I thought I’d bring you all up to speed with what’s happening in the world of Fallen Heroes.

Fallen Heroes – The comic adaptation.

The company who were supposed to be publishing the graphic novel went bust last year which was a real blow for everyone involved. However myself and the creative team decided to press on and put the adaptation out as a five issue comic. This seems fitting giving that Fallen Heroes was self published in the first place.  The comic is going extremely well and we hope to launch it at the Cardiff International Comic Expo at the end of Feb. I’ll leave you with the first teaser poster for the comic.

To learn more head over to www.fallenheroescomic.com

Fallen Heroes the TV series

Not much to report on this except to say that I can conform that Celtic Films are still attached to the project and I’ll investigating the best ways we can  take this project forward. Watch this space for more info when I have it!

Fallen Heroes the Audio Book

To my shame I must admit I’ve got all the audio files that the voice actor has done for this but I just to edit the chapters. Hoping to do that and put them out a few chapters at a time on this site for free.

The Sequel to Fallen Heroes

Look out for the next post coming I think you’ll find that one interesting. I’ll have the title for book 2 (which a few of you know already) and brief synopsis of the plot.

One of my hopes for 2011 is to update this site more often.

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