Update on the Sequel to Fallen Heroes

Most of last year was spent with me telling people that ‘Book 2 was on the way’ but it was a hard year for me writing wise as I had so many other things going on and to be honest had written myself into a bit of a corner with the story.

Towards the end of last year I’m started to get my head around things. I’ve told myself and now I’m telling you that I plan to have the sequel to Fallen Heroes out before the end of this year or die in the attempt (ok maybe not die). Hopefully it’s not been too long that people who enjoyed the first book won’t be after my blood. So hold tight Courtney book 2 is on  the way mate!

I don’t think I had been prepared for how bloody hard I was going to find it picking up the story threads from book 1 and laying down the story threads for the third and final book. As well as all that there was the small matter of trying to tell a story that I hope people will find entertaining. In the end I think telling myself to stop procrastinating, stop making excuses and just finish the thing has helped. I also think seeing the energy and passion of the guys working on the Fallen Heroes comic has really given me a boost to get back to these characters that I love and this story.

I can confirm that book 2 will be called Forgotten Warriors. Now I’ve had some comments from people wishing the title was a little more different from the many titles out there. A few more wishing I had stuck with my working title Perdition’s Shroud. All I can say is I wanted to pick titles for the trilogy that reflected the core of the story I’m telling and hopefully will work on a number of levels. Perdition’s Shroud just felt like a title I had quite frankly pulled out of my ass and had no relationship to the story. Forgotten Warriors is very relevant to the core of this story as it will focus a lot more on the sidekicks/secondary characters from Fallen Heroes and let’s face it Fallen Sidekicks would have been a crap title.

I’ve promised myself with the dawn of the new year I would crack on with this and that’s still the plan. I have very rough first draft that still needs a lot of work doing on it before I let my test readers loose to tear it apart. Hopefully thought that’s something I can get underway soon.

Junbobkim, the artist who did the awesome cover for Fallen Heroes will be back again doing the cover for Forgotten Warriors.

I would like to think that I’ve now learnt a lot more about the marketing/self publishing side of things so hopefully I’ll be able to handle that side of things a lot better this time around.

Anyway for those of you who read Fallen Heroes I’ve stuck a short synopsis of Forgotten Warriors. Please do not read if you’ve not read Fallen Heroes as there are some huge spoilers.

You have been warned.

Forgotten Warriors

Since their defeat at Cademus Castle The Cabal, the leaders of the Book of Cademus have been scouring the earth for the clues they believe will lead them to the location of the Altus Imperium. The Cabal seek to follow in their leader’s footsteps and harness this dark and destructive power for themselves.

The Icarus Foundation, unaware of the danger, has allowed itself to become locked in a political power struggle. The Secretary General, now fully aware of the Foundation’s clandestine activities, believes Icarus are too dangerous to be left unchecked.

With Icarus’ focus turned elsewhere the burden falls on a few scarred survivors to stand against the Book of Cademus once more, if they can.

Jason Chen, unable to escape the horrors of his past, is now a member of the Icarus Foundation. He hopes to help others, like himself, whilst atoning for his actions at Cademus Castle.

Vincent Marconi, still haunted by the death of his mentor, has become obsessed with finding those responsible.

Stephanie Connisbee, after suffering a devastating loss, is now little more than now a pawn in the political machinations of the Secretary General.

Kathryn Monroe, has lost everything and if the Book of Cademus find her they will take the only thing she has left…her life.

Eve Appleton , a TORCH operative who, after spending years in a coma, awakens to world in which her colleague and best friend has been murdered and branded a traitor.

With lies, betrayal and murder shadowing their every move these Forgotten Warriors must fight to stay alive and discover the secret behind the Altus Imperium.

It is a secret that will either devastate the world or save it.

2 thoughts on “Update on the Sequel to Fallen Heroes

  1. Glad to hear that Eve will feature more heavily in the next one. I was disappointed she fell into a coma; she seemed like fun… though not sure she’ll be so much fun anymore 😦

    Well, now I shall sit here and impatiently await the next instalment. Did I say impatiently? I meant eagerly, obviously.

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