Tales of the Fallen at Thought Bubble 2011

Well all the dust has now settled on the Thought Bubble convention and normality is finally beginning to settle back in. I have to take my hat off to the comic creators who sell their wares at every con as it’s a very different experience sitting on the other side of the table. A lot of hard work and a lot of talking…my voice was not in great shape by the end of Sunday.

Big thanks to our printer Stuart from the UK Comics Creative who turned up in the nick of time with copies of Tales of the Fallen and Fallen Heroes issue 2 on Friday evening…once again saving the day.

The convention itself was great and just a fantastic buzz all round. It ran over two days this year and I think the change worked really well and there was plenty for everyone to see, do any buy. The Unseen Shadows team were out in full force all lined up alongside each other manning a total of four tables, all promoting their indivdual titles as well as their work on Tales of the Fallen and Fallen Heroes. It was a huge success for the launch of Tales of the Fallen  and Fallen Heroes issue 2 not just on the sales front but it was just great to have so many of the Unseen Shadows creative team in one place as some of them I had never met face to face. Even though I left my table a handful of times over the weekend I it was fun just to sit and chat over future projects with the guys.

Cy Dethan showing off his multitasking skills by manning two tables at once!

The Unseen Shadows panel on Sunday went well. Richmond Clements took up the hosting duties which myself, Cy Dethan, Dan Thompson, Martin Conaghan and Pete Rogers on the hot seats with several other member of the creative team (Conor Boyle, Vicky Stonebridge, Steve Penfold and more) in the crowd to feedback as well. After a quick intro and background to the Fallen Heroes novel the panel members went on to explain how they had become involved with the project and some more background to their chosen stories. We rounded up with a look forward with some announcements  on what was coming next and a look at some storyboards from the upcoming web series in development. You never know how well a panel will go down with people so it was great to see so many people ( which included included the two members of the Thought Bubble staff who were there to help us set up) who attended the panel come to the table afterwards  say how much they enjoyed the panel and then buy Tales of the Fallen, this even  the panel.

Big thanks to everyone who attended and supported us.

I also wanted to thank everyone who I talked to and who picked up something from the table esp those of you who bought copies of the novel which I was really not expecting to happen. Again the biggest thanks saved for every member of the Unseen Shadows creative team whose hard work made all of this a reality.

One of my stand out moments of the weekend was one fella walking up to me as I was on my way back to the table. He paused, flashed me a grin and said ‘Great panel…I bought everything!’  I looked down and in his arms he had the novel, the first two issues of the comic adaptation and Tales of the Fallen.

Can’t really say fairer than that.

So what’s next?

Currently I’m setting up a shop on the site so that people will be able to but Tales of the Fallen and more direct from the website. Hopefully that will be up and running this week. In terms of future projects stay tuned as more announcements this week!

I’ll leave you with some more photos from the weekend.

Thanks to the Thought Bubble team (Clark and co) who really took care of all of us creators and were always on hand to help out with any issues or any problems.

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