Unseen Shadows Comes to Nine Worlds

nine-worlds-1So this week coming I will be brining the Unseen Shadows train to the Nine Worlds Convention in London. In case you are wondering what is Nine worlds here’s comes the explanation bit.

Nine Worlds will take place in London, UK, 8-10 August 2014. It’s about gaming, film, cosplay, fandom, literature, science, geek culture, meeting people and having a really big party.

In total we’ll have over 25 tracks presenting content in 2014, delivering more than 350 sessions over the three convention days. Enough to satisfy even the geekiest of geeks. Mix that all up with parties, comedians, book launches, discos, swordplay masterclasses, the UK’s top Queen tribute band, costume parades, sci-fi sing-a-longs, and bit of quality beer, and that’s what a geekfest is.

OK with the explanation out of the way I can say that I will be there with some copies of Fallen Heroes, Tales of the Forgotten but also some of the remaining copies of the Unseen Shadows Year One DVD which is digital collection of all the Unseen Shadows products (That’s the novel, the comics, the first three part so the audio drama and more).

I will also be taking part in the following panels and hopefully finding something useful to say in each one!

Superheroes and Superhuman: exploding the myth of the superwhathaveyou
County C&D, 3:15pm – 4:30pm
Tracks: All of the Books
Jenni Hill, Nick Harkaway, Stephanie Saulter, Barry Nugent, Taran Matharu
Superheroes are everywhere these days, from comic books to literary novels to the Disney Store. How is society exploring what ‘super’ means, and how does that change depending on the suffix attached? Panel: Jenni Hill, Nick Harkaway, Stephanie Saulter, Barry Nugent, Taran Matharu

Writing for Transmedia: ideas that cross formats and boundaries
County A, 6:45pm – 8pm
Tracks: All of the Books, Creative Writing
Barry Nugent, Anna Caltabiano, Simon Guerrier, Adam Christopher, David Tallerman
Because a story can also be an app, computer game, vlog, fanvid, web series, docu-drama, interactive ebook, diary comic, inter-sensory experience or any other format currently existing or yet to exist not listed here. Kind of against the spirit of the thing, if you ask us. Guess you’ll just have to go to it in person. Panel: Barry Nugent, Anna Caltabiano, Simon Guerrier, Adam Christopher

Tell me a story: podficcing – Podficcers and podcasters share techniques and technology
County B, 6:45pm – 8pm
Tracks: Fanfic
Elizabeth Bear, Barry Nugent, Pip Janssen, A. L. Johnson, Jenn Hersey
Can podficcers learn anything from podcasters, and vice versa? The panel discuss techniques, technology and performance aspects of their respective fields, and hope to discover new insights into the process from one another. Panel: Elizabeth Bear, Barry Nugent, Pip Janssen, A L Johnson

The Power of New Media
Royal A, 11:45am – 1pm
Tracks: Podcasting
Barry Nugent, Emma Newman, Stephen Aryan, Scott Grandison
This interactive roundtable panel follows on from Saturday’s talk about new media. Four podcasters will discuss and explore with the audience the growing power of new media and the rise of the everyman journalist. Speakers: Barry Nugent, Emma Newman, Stephen Aryan, Scott Grandison

If you at the  Nine Worlds Convention pop along and say hi!

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