Inking Complete on Blood Cries Out

Always love giving updates on Unseen Shadows Projects but I love it even more when it’s good news. As it currently stands all the inking has been done for Blood Cries Out by Conor, who had been working like an artistic demon to get all the art finished. On the lettering front and Nic has lettered all the inked pages some last minute touches and of course added all of that onto the colour pages when they are complete.

I am beyond happy with the final results. Both Conor and Nic have now dropped some full colour finished pages in the dropbox folder for our team and they look spectacular and yes I know I’m being bias…but they look so pretty!

The plan is to open up the pre-order gates for Blood Cries Out on 1st October. Anyone interested will be able to either pre order for delivery via Royal Mail or pick up their pre-ordered copy at Thought Bubble 2019 . There will be a little something for all those who pre-order a copy but more on that soon.

In the mean time here is a sneak peek at the back cover (the front cover is being worked on as I type) and another inked page.

Next week there will be a full colour teaser to get the old pre-order juices flowing.

Unseen Shadows at Thought Bubble 2015

So it’s been a while but Unseen Shadows never goes away, we linger in the…well…um…shadows.

Unseen Shadows will be heading to the Thought Bubble Comic Festival  in Leeds this weekend and we will not be going empty handed. We will be launching two comics (Knights of Cademus and The Lament of Lady Mary) at the festival and our very first graphic novel ‘The Heart Which Makes Us’, which clocks in at a lovely 100 pages.

As well as the new comics we will also be launching the recently completed audio movie (which is one part prose,one part audio movie and about ten parts adventure!) Empire of Blood. The first three episodes of this four part audio movie are available to listen online for free.

As well as all this you will also be able to pick up the Fallen Heroes novel and the comic anthology Tales of the Forgotten.

Barry Nugent, founder of Unseen Shadows had this to say about the launches. “I am extremely proud of what the creative teams have done on these projects and looking forward to spending the weekend showing off their work.”

All the comics being launched at Thought Bubble are available to pre-order here.

I also was a guest on the Awesome Comics Podcast recently to talk about the project.

The Unseen Shadows team will be on table 71 in the Thought Bubble Marquee (aka the Teepee) so come and check us out!


Conspiracies and Cults and Spies Oh My! Unseen Shadows Comes to the London Super Comic Con 2013


This weekend Unseen Shadows will be in attendance at the second London Super Comic Convention. I attended the first year of the LSCC and had a great time so I figured what the hell and booked up for a second return trip. The convention itself, which is being held on at the Excel center, is entirely focused on comics which sets it apart from shows like the MCM Expo which always has a big film and TV presence.

As I mentioned the focus of the LSCC is comics and I will be embracing that view by bringing along copies of both Tales of the Fallen and Tales of the Forgotten as well as the Unseen Shadows: Year One Digital Collection. Aside from the comics I will also have copies of the Fallen Heroes novel on sale. I also hope to have some artwork from some of the other Unseen Shadows projects on hand to show off as well as talking to anyone who will listen about the project. Also if you’re an artist/colourist who is interested in getting involved with the project then check out the submissions page or just pop along and have a chat with me. You can also drop me an email before the show at

You will find the Unseen Shadows stand at C42 (check out the handy floor plan below) and I will be seated next to Dan Thompson (writer on Band of Butchers and Ashfall) and Steve Penfold (Artist on, Fallen Heroes #1 and #2, Wrath of God and Blood Cries Out).

Find Unseen Shadows at C42

Find Unseen Shadows at C42

So all that remains is for me to see you in the shadows this weekend at the London Super Comic Con!

TOTF2coverFallen Heroes CoverUS 2011-09 Tales of the Fallen Front Cover1