“The Truth Must be Told.” – Fourth and Final Teaser Poster/Preview Revealed for Tales of the Forgotten

Time to celebrate the end of a long week with the fourth and final of our Tales of the Forgotten teaser posters.

Today’s teaser is based on a character I never  thought would end up getting the comic book treatment. This is mainly due to the fact that I had  written sleazy reporter Bob Kelsey, in the novel, to be a very minor and unlikable character. Undaunted by this Cy Dethan  took up the reigns of this toxic nobody  and The Immaculate Abortion of Dina Leigh with art by Valia Kapadai and lettering by Nic Wilkinson is the end result.

Tales of the Forgotten will be launching next weekend at at Thought Bubble 2012.

Any reviewers interested in receiving a review pdf can contact Sara Westrop at sara.westrop@unseenshadows.com.

“When Barry floated the idea of taking a run at another Fallen Heroes character, the one that came immediately to mind was the reporter, Bob Kelsey. As I’ve said elsewhere, one of Barry’s key assets as a storyteller lies in his crafting of minor characters into little polished gems. After the thundering powerhouse of biblical vengeance he presented us with in The Reverend, I loved the idea of seeing the Unseen Shadow-world through the eyes of someone fighting to survive at the opposite end of the food chain. Bob Kelsey is an everyman in a world populated with monsters and heroes. To survive in those hunting grounds takes the self-preservation instincts of a feral rat. That’s what Bob Kelsey is to me.” – Cy Dethan.

“I was delighted return to the Unseen Shadows with Cy Dethan,  dragging in the talented Valia Kapadai into the darkness with us. This time the shadows fall around seedy back alleys, unlicensed medical facilities and murky conspiracies and even though I put the letters on those pages myself I wouldn’t trust them. They are as slippery and painful as the truth itself.

Having worked with Cy and Valia on the serial thriller White Knuckle it was great to get down into the grime and crime with them again.” – Nic Wilkinson

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