So as we have a lot of different stories within Unseen Shadows we thought ti might be useful to have a one stop listing for them all and hopefully provide some guidelines as to where the stories fit in the large world. Of course we have tried to make the stories stand alone but if you want to enjoy them as on overarching story then you can get help with that here.


Fallen Heroes (Prose) – This is the novel that started it all. A modern day pulp adventure tale about a group of heroes and and heroes who much join forces to prevent the culmination of nine centuries of planning by a cult known as the Book of Cademus. Anyone who wants to experience the Unseen Shadows universe in all it’s forms should start here first.

Tales of the Fallen – Operation Solomon (Comic). This title is centred on former naval officer Steph Connisbee who in Fallen Heroes is the muscle and partner in crime to Ben Ashodi ask the Hand, a master thief. Operation Solomon tell the story of Steph’s last naval mission.

Tales of the Fallen – Wrath of God (Comic). The Reverend aka Jonathan Bishop is a vigilante whose main prey in Fallen Heroes are drug lords, however as the story progresses he gets involved in a much larger plot when he is called in by Steph. Although the origin of how Bishop became his deadly alter ego are explained in the book Wrath of God explores this in much greater detail, even going back to Jonathan’s childhood to provide further insight.

Tales of the Fallen – Napoleon Stone and the Fragments of Fate (Comic). Napoleon Stone is one part academic, one part one man army and one of the central characters in the novel (heck he’s even on the book cover!). He s an expert on all things occult and historical. When not lecturing or reseaching he works as part of The Icarus Foundation, a global think thank, dedicated to monitoring the activities of cults around the world and intervening when any those cult threaten human life by supernatural means or otherwise.  Fragments of Fate is a look at just one of the cases Napoleon and  his assistant Vincent Marconi have worked for Icarus. The ‘Fragments of Fate’ case is not mentioned or referred to in the novel  so can be vexed as a standalone adventure. All you need is a broad understanding of Napoleon, Vincent and the Icarus Foundation.

Tales of the Fallen – Band of Butchers (Comic). In the novel we first meet mercenary Clancy Wallencheck in Japan where he is there working on behalf of the some very bad people. This comic shows Clancy making one last stop before setting off to Japan. The tale is told in flashback and charts the history of Clancy Wallencheck and his team Blacklight before they took up the life of guns for hire. The novel hinted that Clancy did not always play the role of the ruthless mercenary and Band of Butchers charts his decline into the shadows through violence and betrayal.

Tales of the Fallen – Empire of Blood (Audio drama). This is six part audio drama is set after the events of Fallen Heroes. Although the story which centres on Vincent Marconi can be enjoyed as a standalone adventure there is more to be gained by reading the novel first. The story also introduces Victoria Sullivan a character who will also be in Forgotten Warriors the second book in the Unseen Shadows Trilogy

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