“I owe it to them to shine.” – Third Teaser Poster/Preview Revealed for Tales of the Forgotten

So without further ago let’s warm things up a little on this chilly Monday with the third of our Tales of the Forgotten teaser posters.

Today’s third of four teasers focuses on the six page short story Fight or Flight. This is a first for Unseen Shadows as it features Victoria Sullivan, a character never featured in Fallen Heroes but created for the audio drama Empire of Blood’. Fight or Flight give a little more background into the character as well as a closer look at the Icarus Foundation for which she works. Fight or Flight written by Corey Brotherson, with art by Jorge Oliveira and lettering by Paul Mclaren.

Tales of the Forgotten will be launching at Thought Bubble 2012.

Any reviewers interested in receiving a review pdf can contact Sara Westrop at sara.westrop@unseenshadows.com.

“Writing the Fight or Flight was a leap into the unknown. Leaving your mark on the blueprint of a character in this case, the origin story of the irrepressible Victoria Sullivan – is always a challenge. You don’t want to alter what made the audience like the character in the first place, but at the same time you have to show them in a ‘newborn’ state, as it were; how they were before they became the person they’re loved for. All while marking a noticeable change in their personality from the start of the story to its conclusion.

Thankfully, even in six short pages, Victoria is the sort of character who is immediately fun to write. She’s as happy breaking someone’s spirit as she is breaking the rules, and woe betide anyone who dares to cross her. Fight or Flight shows her vulnerable yet focused; a control freak who is struggling to control her own emotions in a long and torturous game of revenge.

How long are you willing to wait to avenge your loved ones before your sanity finally breaks?” – Corey Brotherson

“Drawing the Fight or Flight short story was an interesting challenge, a great chance to be a part of the evergrowing Unseen Shadows universe. Victoria’s background is the kind of story that justifies the gritty artstyle I’m already invested in, complete with action sequences that allowed for emotional investment in interesting ways. It was also a good chance to work in a different colour scheme than the one I’m used to, and in so doing, experiment with the psychological side of the story.” –Jorge Oliveira

“It was a great story to work on and the art/colours and story are fantastic. On a personal note and although maybe bias…but being a fan of Fallen Heroes and the Unseen Shadows Universe it gave me more of an insight into the background and mentality of the characters in the story.” – Paul Mclaren

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