The Adventure Continues! Pre-Order Forgotten Warriors

 Pre-Order Forgotten Warriors Today!

I can honestly say that I was beginning to doubt this day would ever come but it has. I am opening up the pre-order doors for Forgotten Warriors, the sequel to Fallen Heroes.


I will be launching the book and signing at the Thought Bubble comic festival on 23rd September where I will be launching it along with the prequel graphic novel The Chimera Factor.

Coming soon – The Chimera Factor


So check out the fantastic cover for the novel by Junbobkim, read the blurb and then pre-order for your signed copy to either pick up at Thought Bubble or sent through the post.

Release Date: 23rd September 2017

Hold your breath.
Stand your ground.
The worst is yet to come.

Three years ago, on the eve of their greatest triumph, the Book of Cademus suffered their greatest defeat.

Today the leaders of this apocalyptic cult are hunted across the globe as their followers lose faith in their gods.

Reduced to striking out from the shadows in petty acts of vengeance, the cult hatches one last desperate gambit to regain all they have lost.

The Icarus Foundation, ignorant of the danger, has become locked in a political power struggle. The United Nations believes Icarus are too dangerous to be left unchecked and take drastic measures to bring them under control.

With Icarus’ focus turned elsewhere the burden falls on those scarred survivors to stand against the Book of Cademus once more. If they can…

Pre-order your signed copy of Forgotten Warriors to collect at Thought Bubble for £8.99


Pre-order your copy of Forgotten Warriors for £8.99 for UK Delivery (P &P £2.50)



To pre-order your copy of Tales of the Fallen for £8.99 for International Delivery (email me at to let me know where you are in the world so I can work out the P &P

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