Unseen Shadows Release Special Preview of its First Full Length Graphic Novel Blood Cries Out.

In honour of the second year of the newest UK convention on the block, The London Super Comic Con, the Unseen Shadows creative team have decided to do something special to celebrate their attendance.

The team working on the Unseen Shadow’s first full length graphic novel ‘Blood Cries Out’ are giving readers a special peek behind the curtain with an online four-page preview. Visitors to the Unseen Shadows table (C42) during the convention will also be treated to a closer look at Blood Cries out as well as several other projects in development.


Blood Cries Out is centred on Jonathan Bishop, a relentless vigilante known as ‘The Reverend’. The character made his comic debut in the one shot story Wrath of God written by Cy Dethan with art by Steve Penfold, colours by Gat Melvyn and lettering by Nic Wilkinson. The same creative team have reunited to work on Blood Cries Out.

‘The difference between Wrath of God and Blood Cries Out is significant. Where as Wrath of God was a creation story, this has the potential to be the character’s swan song. Threats so significant and original that not only do they threaten John Bishop physically but threaten to destroy the faith that drives him. Heightened emotion and fundamental questions about humanity go hand in hand with high-octane action sequences and threats from other dimensions. Who wouldn’t love to draw that? Myself and Gat will work hard to bring Cy Dethan’s vision of Barry Nugent’s character to life. We hope it lives up to it’s potential.’ – Steve Penfold

The 88 page graphic novel, to be launched later in the year, will reveal a different side to Bishop as he meets his match in this tale of faith, cults, secret societies and the supernatural.

Barry will be manning the Unseen Shadows table at the London Super Comic Con. ‘I’m looking forward to catching up with some of the other members of the creative team who will in attendance and chatting about Unseen Shadows to visitors at the convention.”

The Unseen Shadows table is located at C42 on the convention floor.

About Blood Cries Out

Reverend Jonathan Bishop is a weapon forged by fate and the cruelties of men, his life an endless crusade waged in shadow and blood. He is a one-man holy war, but he is not the first product of the machinery that created him.


When the twisted Broken Heart cult seeks to conjure and enslave a force they are ill-equipped to control, Bishop must face a custom-built killer who knows him as only a brother can. The Reverend has finally met his equal in battle, and faith alone may no longer sustain him.

About Unseen Shadows

Unseen Shadows Ltd is dedicated to expanding the world and characters created in Fallen Heroes through various transmedia elements. Currently in development are several more comic titles, a five part audio drama, a comic adaption of the Fallen Heroes novel,  a live action web series and more.

“These are not just nice little side stories with no impact on the events surrounding them,” Barry Nugent, the found of Unseen Shadows explains. “The spin-offs expand and enhance the characters lives and relationships within the novels. It was important to me that the spin offs can be read, watched and listened to independently of each other and the novels but you will get more insights into the characters by experiencing everything the Unseen Shadows universe has to offer.”




Buy Tales of the Forgotten, Tales of the Fallen and the Fallen Heroes Special Edition novel at the Special Convention Price of £20!

To celebrate our newest comic anthology Tales of the Forgotten, which will be available for the first time at the London Super Comic Con, we have come up with a great special offer. Visitors to our table (C42) during the convention will be able to pick up Tales of the Forgotten (RRP: £8.00), Tales of the Fallen (RRP: £11.99) and the Fallen Heroes Special Edition novel (RRP: £9.99) together for a convention only price of £20.00!

The special edition of the novel contains interviews, deleted scenes, an alternate first chapter as well as previews of upcoming projects.

The normal RRP for this bundle would normaly be £29.98 so that’s saving of £9.98!!!

TOTF2coverFallen Heroes CoverUS 2011-09 Tales of the Fallen Front Cover1

Other offers will be available at the table (C42) during the weekend so please ask.

See you in the shadows!

Conspiracies and Cults and Spies Oh My! Unseen Shadows Comes to the London Super Comic Con 2013


This weekend Unseen Shadows will be in attendance at the second London Super Comic Convention. I attended the first year of the LSCC and had a great time so I figured what the hell and booked up for a second return trip. The convention itself, which is being held on at the Excel center, is entirely focused on comics which sets it apart from shows like the MCM Expo which always has a big film and TV presence.

As I mentioned the focus of the LSCC is comics and I will be embracing that view by bringing along copies of both Tales of the Fallen and Tales of the Forgotten as well as the Unseen Shadows: Year One Digital Collection. Aside from the comics I will also have copies of the Fallen Heroes novel on sale. I also hope to have some artwork from some of the other Unseen Shadows projects on hand to show off as well as talking to anyone who will listen about the project. Also if you’re an artist/colourist who is interested in getting involved with the project then check out the submissions page or just pop along and have a chat with me. You can also drop me an email before the show at barry@unseenshadows.com

You will find the Unseen Shadows stand at C42 (check out the handy floor plan below) and I will be seated next to Dan Thompson (writer on Band of Butchers and Ashfall) and Steve Penfold (Artist on, Fallen Heroes #1 and #2, Wrath of God and Blood Cries Out).

Find Unseen Shadows at C42

Find Unseen Shadows at C42

So all that remains is for me to see you in the shadows this weekend at the London Super Comic Con!

TOTF2coverFallen Heroes CoverUS 2011-09 Tales of the Fallen Front Cover1

Order Tales of the Fallen at a Special Reservation Price For London Super Comic Con

Tales of the Fallen

‘If, like me, you like rip-roaring testosterone fuelled pulp fiction with soldiers, and mysteries, and all round weird stuff in, then this is the book for you.’ – Jonathan Ross

So to celebrate our appearance at the London Super Comic Convention next month Tales of the Fallen is being offered at the special reservation price of £8.50. At the convention itself copies will be priced at £10.00 so if you want your copy at the reserve price order now and pick it up from the Unseen Shadows table during the convention.

All orders at the special reservation price will also come with a free digital copy of the first issue of the Fallen Heroes comic adaptation.

  • Special Reservation  price £8.50 (convention price £10.00).
  • A Free digital copy of Tales of the Fallen.
  • A signed copy for London Super Comic Con orders.

Ok time for those all important  ordering details just follow the link before and you’re good to go


You can check out previews of all the stories within Tales of the Fallen here.

“This is a powerful volume, packed full of shocks, surprises and intelligence. From my perspective, there’s nothing else like it in comics shops around the world! ”– Sci-Fi Pulse

“ Utilizing an entire team of writers and artists, ‘Tales of the Fallen’ is visually diverse and an interesting journey to experience. Each story feels as if it plays to the individual teams’ creative strengths and there is a level of excitement in seeing such a showcase. “ – 3 million years

Tales of the Fallen is a high octane, high adventure, pulp-tastic anthology ” – The Sidekickcast

They are murderers, martyrs and mercenaries in the no-man’s-land between adventure and crusade – soldiers of fate and fierce honour, bound together in mystery, darkness and blood. Their enemies are shadows haunting the outermost borders of a darkening world, and as night approaches the shadows grow long.

They are the Fallen, and these are their stories.

  • Scripts: Cy Dethan, Richmond Clements, Dan Thompson, Pete Rogers
  • Pencils: Steve Penfold, Rob Carey, Conor Boyle, Roy Huteson Stewart
  • Colours: Gat Melvin, Vicky Stonebridge
  • Letters: Paul Mclaren, Nic Wilkinson
  • Covers: Steve Penfold, Gat Melvin,Rob Carey, Conor Boyle, Roy Huteson Stewart, Valia Kapadai
  • Introduction: Jonathan Ross
  • 128 pages